4-6 Axis Helium Manipulators (Open Cycle)

The manipulator is a high precision, high rigidity, UHV specimen manipulator of modular construction, suitable for a range of X, Y and Z linear motions and R1, R2 and R3 rotations.

The modular construction means that the specification can be upgraded or modified by the addition to replacement of well defined modules.


▪ Full motorization
▪ Full software control
▪ Helium recovery system
▪ Possibility to mount an angular device for PES calibration
▪ Temperature stabilization
▪ Heating option: direct, resistive or EB

Heating and cooling methods

Sample temperature depend on sample holder type:
▪ Direct heating with 10 A
▪ Resistive heating up to 1100 °C
▪ EB heating up to 1400 °C
▪ Liquid helium cooling:
- 4 axis manipulator - down to 4 K*
- 5 axis manipulator - down to 4.8 K* / 10 K**
- 6 axis manipulator - down to 7 K* / 15 K**
* parameters achieved without heating option and temp. stabilization.
** parameters achieved with heating option.

Technical Data

Standard base flange DN 100CF or DN 160CF
Pressure range down to 10-11 mbar
Heating methods resistive, EB, direct
Cooling method LHe
XY range ± 12.5 mm
   positional control micrometer/motorised*
   resolution (manual/motorised) 5 μm / 1 μm
Z range up to 600 mm
   positional control handwheel/motorised*
   resolution (manual/motorised) 1 mm / standard 10 μm
(1 μm on request)
R1 range ± 180° or ± 360°
   positional control rotary feedthrough/motorised*
   resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R2 range 360° continuous
   positional control motorised*
   resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R3 range - 20° to +40°
   positional control rotary feedthrough/motorised*
   resolution (motorised) 0.1°
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C

* Stepper motor or servomotor - depend on application.
Manipulator can be prepared for customer motors or drivers - on request

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