1-2 Axis MBE Manipulators

The 1-2 axis motorised MBE manipulator is a high rigidity UHV specimen manipulator of modular construction, suitable for a range of R1 motorised continuous substrate rotation and Z translation.

It is prepared to heat the substrate up to 1400°C (EB heating, UHV conditions) with accuracy +/- 1°C. The station includes the substrate (standard up to 6 inch sample holder) positioner and allows precise angular position of substrate in relation to linear shutter.


The 1-2 axis motorized MBE manipulator is designed for MBE applications under ultra-high vacuum conditions. Heating is performed by resistive or EB methods. The manipulator can work in the vertical orientation.

Manipulator for MBE applications:

▪ Sample holders: generally plate style
▪ Prepared for reaching high temperature
▪ Base pressure: 10-11 mbar


▪ H2O shroud
▪ LN2 or H2O cooling
▪ Side or integrated wedge shutter (possible with H2O cooling option)
▪ XY movement stage
▪ Shutter on/off

Technical Data

Standard base flange DN 100CF to DN 300CF (depending on the sample size, other on request)
Base pressure range 10-11 mbar
Shutter integrated or external, pneumatic or manual
Heating methods resistive, EB
Substrate temperature up to 1200 °C (resistive)
up to 1400 °C (EB)
Cooling method LN2, H20
Z range 50 mm (other on request)
   positional control handwheel/motorised*
   resolution (manual/motorised) 500 μm / standard 10 μm
R1 range 360° continuous
   positional control motorised*
XY range (option)
± 12.5 mm
   positional control micrometer/motorised*
   resolution (manual/motorised) 5 μm / 1 μm
Max speed up to 60 rpm
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C / 200 °C (on request)

* Stepper motor or servomotor - depend on application.
Manipulator can be prepared for customer motors or drivers - on request.


Graphite flexible (stable in form), minimal outgassing at the high temperatures, oxidation resistant below 500°C
Graphite + PBN coating flexible (stable in form), minimal outgassing at the high temperatures, oxidation resistant below 800°C (depends on partial pressure of oxygen)
Graphite + SiC coating hard, light and stable in form, oxidation resistant below 1400°C
SiC solid (β) extremely hard, light and stable in form, low thermal expansion, durable to mechanical and electrical shocking, excellent resistance to reactive gases/oxidation

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