1-4 Axis PLD Target Manipulators

The 1-4 axis motorized PLD target manipulator is a high precision revolver mechanism with capacity up to 6 target holders.

The target manipulator has two axis of rotation - R1 and R2: by changing the position of R1, different targets are selected. The R2 axis has a continuous rotation around its own axis. The manipulator has additional hole/position (between two targets) to accommodate a laser power meter. The XY motion module allows scanning of the target via laser beam. One axis is motorized - for scanning, second is manual - for adjusting. Additional Z axis is used to set up transfer position for target transferring via Load Lock Chamber. The Z movement can be motorized or manual. Computer controls the target rotation and radial scanning over the complete target diameter (fixed laser beam) for making multi-layer deposition with maximum target usage.


The 1-4 axis motorized PLD target manipulator is designed for pulsed laser deposition applications under ultra-high vacuum conditions. The manipulator can work in vertical or horizontal orientation, depends on PLD process geometry.

Manipulator for PLD applications:

▪ Two manipulators: for substrate and target
▪ Substrate holders: plate style, PTS, flag style
▪ Base pressure: 10-10 mba

Heater materials

The heater material is optimally adapted depending on the customer's requirements and the specific conditions of the deposition process (e.g. heating temperature, presence of reactive gases). Exemplary heaters: thermocoax, graphite coated with SiC, SiC solid (β).

Additional information

▪ Possibility of fixing targets with irregular shapes,
▪ Target sizes: 1 ", 2", standard target thickness: 0.5 - 10 mm,
▪ Continuous, individual rotation of targets,
▪ Select and sequence change of targets,
▪ Shield against mutual pollution of targets,
▪ Radial scan, automatic control,
▪ Target is mounted coaxially (relative to the substrate) and positioned so as to eliminate the likelihood of droplets, clusters settling on the substrate and the effects of possible target peeling,
▪ Target holders are transferable to the load-lock chamber (or storage) for quick replacement,
▪ Water cooling system.

Technical Data

Standard base flange DN 100CF or DN 200CF
Base pressure range 10-11 mbar
Shutter integrated, pneumatic
Cooling method H20
R2 range 360° continuous
   positional control motorized*
   resolution (motorized) 0.1°
Z range 50 mm (other on request)
   positional control handwheel
   resolution (manual/motorized) 500 μm / standard 10 μm (1 μm on request)
XY range (option)
± 12.5 mm
   positional control micrometer/motorized*
   resolution (manual/motorized) 5 μm / 1 μm
Max speed up to 50 rpm (other on request)
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C

* Stepper motor or servomotor - depend on application.
Manipulator can be prepared for customer motors or drivers - on request.

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