R2/R3 Tilt Modules (combined with XY Stages)

The R2/R3 tilt module provides short inclination in relation to one of the orthogonal directions (X or Y axis) in the ± 3° range.

Integration with XY stage (through a common bellows) is recommended for best motion range. Module geometry is customized in order to maintain the radius of rotation around the focus point and other customer requirements. The R2/R3 rotation can be motorised or manual.


The R2/R3 tilt module has been designed to achieve the best angular resolution, thanks to a large radius of rotation.
In addition the rigid design allows attachment of heavy loads to the end-effector. Another advantage of this solution is the lack of mechanical parts on the vacuum side. The functionality can be extended by changing the arrangement of chosen modules (R2 tilt, R3 tilt, R1 rotation, XY stage, Z slide).

Technical Data

Base flange DN 160CF
Travelling flange DN 100CF, DN 63CF
R3 range ± 3°
   R3 motion control handwheel / stepper motor (option)
   resolution (manual/motorised) 0.1° / 0.01°
Bakeout temperature up to 150 °C


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