PTS 700/-90 HPC RES/C-K RG Sample Holder


The PTS HPC RES/C-K RG sample holder is dedicated for the High Pressure Cell (reactor). It has cooling and indirect sample heating up to 700°C. The sample mounting table can be made of stainless steel, titanium or molybdenum, depending upon application. It is equipped with a unique heater design for heating in reactive gases at pressures up to 20bar. The holder is compatible with the standard PTS receiving stations and therefore samples can be prepared and directly transferred from preparation to high pressure reaction chambers, and subsequently to analysis chambers.


Catalysis in high pressure cell. All high-pressure experiments. Samples can be prepared and analysed in all standard chambers.


Heating temperature: up to 700°C.
Cooling with LN2:

  • in High Pressure Cell: down to –90°C.
  • in standard receiving station: down to –130°C.

Thermocouple: To match exact configuration – all types possible.
Sample BIAS current measurements possible.

Additional information

Sample holder is supplied and regulated by HEAT3-PS Power Supply.

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