Radial Distribution Chambers (UFO)


The radial distribution chambers (UFO) are designed to transfer samples between multiple preparation and analysis chambers that are connected to it. The chambers are normally mounted at the centre of a series of chambers, acting as a central distribution hub for cluster tools.


  • Standard or telescopic transferring arm
  • Distribution chamber body diameters from 550 to 1200 mm (can be customized)
  • Maximum travel length:
    • Standard transferring arm: 405 mm (700 mm diameter), 845 mm (1200 mm diameter)
    • Telescopic transferring arm: 555 mm (550 mm diameter), 780 mm (700 mm diameter)
  • Configured with TSP and transfer mechanism with rack-and-pinion rotary motion feedthrough
  • Up to 8 transfer positions to other UHV chambers with automatic sample positioning
  • Guaranteed base pressure < 1x10-10 mbar after 48h of bakeout
  • Numerous viewports

• Equipped with UHV connecting flanges and additional ports for future versatility

• More than 120 pcs world wide installed

• Modes of operation: manual, semi or fully motorized

• Transferring time < 45 sec. - manual

• Fast & reliable drop-proof transfer of hot & cold samples

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