Motor Controllers

MC6 - Stepper Motor Control Device


MC6 (Motion Control 6) is a device for controlling up to 6 stepper motors. It can be programmed to fit different specific requirements. Widely used Modbus-TCP communication protocol makes it easy to integrate with existing control systems - eg. PLC controllers, PC software, LabView applications. It can be shipped with standalone interface application or Tango Device Server. The device indicators inform about the transfer status for each axis, e.g. about reached limits or transferring failures.


The MC6 device is mainly recommended for precision transfer systems, e.g. manipulators, sample transfer systems etc.

Technical Data

Supply voltage

230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (rated power 300 W)

Compatible stepper motors

2 phase bipolar, motor current 1.2 up to 3.8 A/phase. Motor power supply 24V. Default micro-stepping mode: 1/16 step (3200 steps per motor rotation). Other modes available

Encoder options

Standard quadrature incremental encoder with differential line driver. Default for on-shaft rotary encoder 500CPR. Other options available - eg. load-side encoder

External input signals

2 limit switches inputs for over-travel protection. Reference position signal, for accurate position detection. Enabling signal for interlocking motor movement

Control functions

Programmable target velocity, acceleration, backlash compensation, homing procedure configuration. Other customizable control functions on request.

Communication Interfaces

MODBUS-TCP (for control), RS485 (for programming/configuration)

Dimensions 483 x 133 × 386 mm (W×H×D), 19" rack mountable (full-width, 3u height)
Weight (approx.) 10 kg