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Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD12

The SMCD12 Stepper Motor Control Device is designed for controlling the higher power stepper motors in applications where either higher speeds and/or higher torques than can be delivered by the SMCD10 are required. The SMCD12 device is mainly recommended for precision transfer systems, e.g. manipulators, sample transfer systems etc.

Technical Data

Supply voltage 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz (power consumption max 75 W)
Stepper Motor Two-phase hybrid stepper motor unipolar or bipolar control standard stepper motor 200 step/revolution. Other resolutions of steps available on request. Programmable motor current 2,5 - 6 A at 48 V per motor coil for ″Stop″ and ″Run″ State. Programmable full and half step mode (default half step)
Encoder Standard 500 pulses/revolution. Incremental encoder used for standard motors with 200 steps/revolution in full step mode, or 400 steps/revolution in half step mode. Other step resolutions of available on request
Programmable Inputs 10 programmable inputs can be used as limit switches, reference sensors or other safety switches. The inputs signals can immediately affect the control of the stepper motor (limit the maximum movement range, setting the reference position for encoder), or can be read transparently by the computer.
Stepper motor control functions Programmable Velocity, Acceleration and Deceleration time, Programmable Motor coil current for ″Stop″ and ″Run″ state, Programmable Half or  full steps mode. Programmable and control the motor system backlash offset. Advanced motor movement tracing with external encoder.
Communication Interface (option) 2 wire EIA-485 - Half duplex serial interface and communication protocol with CRC check redundancy sum, allows for connecting a few devices together using one 2 wire cable and controlling them with a computer program
Dimensions 116 × 133 × 240 mm (W×H×D), 1/4 width, 3 units height, mounted in the 19″ rack
Weight (approx.) 1.4 kg

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Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD12
Control the high power stepper motors in applications where either higher speeds and/or higher torques are required.

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