LN2-cooled UHV Suitcase Configuration


Equipped with an optional liquid nitrogen dewar for active sample cooling, cryo shields (CTD50SHIELDS) enshrouding the sample, as well as a temperature measuring kit, this NexGeneration UHV suitcase enables transport of sensitive samples under cryo conditions in a truly portable, fully featured, especially compact, lightweight and slim UHV system.

The sample is situated within a customized cryo shield inside the suitcase in order to be protected from contamination coming off the chamber walls while the suitcase is cold. Integrated viewports in the shields allow for observation of the sample inside.

For easy transfer of samples into your system, the cryo suitcase can either be mounted directly to your loadlock or via our Fast Pump Down Dock.

An optional DN50CF top flange on the UHV suitcase is required for mounting of the LN2 dewar. Retrofittment of the dewar and cryo shields to a UHV suitcase with standard DN40CF top flange is therefore not possible.

The high voltage for the ion-pump element is delivered by the rechargeable, battery-driven power supply LSA2.0 or optional LSA2.1 (with 10x better pumping current display resolution). The vacuum level can be monitored by converting the displayed ion pump current to pressure units, using the current to pressure table of the pump manufacturer. The NEG element can be activated with any standard DC lab power supply.