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Wien Filter Power Supply IS40-WPS

For accurate depth profiling analysis the ion beam of an electron impact or plasma ion source must be of high purity and free from neutral particles. This is ensured by the Wien Mass Filter which eliminates ions of unwanted isotopes and impurities as well as multiply charged ions and neutral particles. The Wien Mass Filter is arranged between the ionizer volume and the focussing stages of the ion source IS40E1. It selects defined ions and suppresses impurities and neutrals by a combination of electric and magnetic fields.

The Wien Mass Filter has the ability to eliminate:

  • Ions of unwanted isotopes.
  • Ions of impurities.
  • Multiple charged ions.
  • Charged clusters.
  • Neutral particles and clusters by inclination of the optical axis.

Technical Data

High voltage power supply output current limit -/+ 20 mA DC
High voltage power supply output voltage -/+670 V DC
Communication RS232
Mains Power 100-120 VAC/200-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
Net weight 5.4 kg
Dimensions [mm] 448.8 x 88.1 x 437 (W x H x D)

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