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X-Ray Source Electronics XR40B

The XR40B-SET comprises 3 units for full control of the X-Ray Source RS40B1: XR40B-EC emission controllerXRHV01-PS high voltage power supply and XRCB-02 Cooling Box.

XR40B-EC emission controller

The XR40B-EC electronic unit controls the x-ray source emission current. It fully controls the high voltage x-ray source power supply XRHV01-PS via analogue interface 0 - 5V, so the user can see the high voltage and emission current on the XR40B-EC display. The XR40B-EC displayed emission current is the exact emission current, rather than the emission current derived from the high voltage power supply, which is a sum of the real emission and water leakage current of the cooling system. This combination allows very convenient and stable control of the X-ray source. The XR40B-EC controller has a several interlocks: master interlock, two X-ray tube cover interlocks, high vacuum interlock, cooling water interlock and remote interlock to fully protect both the user and X-ray source. If any interlock condition is not meet the source is disabled. Two operating modes, Standby and Operate, guarantee the most accurate and stable emission immediately after starting an experiment. Easy firmware update via USB port. Unit can be remotely controlled via RS232/485 or Ethernet interfaces.

Capability to operate up to two X-ray sources.

- Software control (Version Pro, Extended or Library Module)

XRHV01-PS high voltage power supply

The XRHV01-PS unit provides a 0 to 15 kV output voltage 800 W max. output power. The power supply is controlled via analogue I/O by XR40B-EC. The high voltage can be set via 0 - 5 V analog input,  corresponding to a monitored 0 - 15 kV output voltage. The current limit can be set via 0 - 5 V analog input corresponding to a monitored output current of 0 - 50 mA. The output is fully protected in case of either short or overload current.
Full functionality only with connection to the Emission Controller XR40B-EC.

XRCB-02 cooling box

The XRCB-02 Cooling Box is mainly used to cooling control of the X-Ray Sources. Water cools the x-ray source’s anode, which operates at high potential. All water cooling pipework is electrically isolated. The XRCB-02 cooling box requires a water feed from
a re-circulating chiller for correct operation. Water flow and pressure are continually monitored.
Full functionality only with connection to the Emission Controller XR40B-EC.

XRCB-02 features:
- Cooling box can handle up to two X-ray sources
- Over pressure safety valve
- Anti condensing internal pipework
- High voltage resistance pipework for cooling water
- Adjustable flowmeter and over pressure valve
- Communication with cooling box is via fiber optic wire

Technical Data

Supply voltage

100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
85 - 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
230 VAC (with water pump)
110 VAC (with water pump)
110-240VAC (without water pump)
Emission current range (Ie) 0 - 50 mA, accuracy 0.1 mA
Anode high voltage range (UHV) 0.5 kV - 15 kV, accuracy 0.1 kV
Cathode current (Icath) output 1: 2.5 A
output 2: up to 6 A in operate mode
Anode power limit 750 W
Emission curent ramp 0.1 - 50 mA/sec
High voltage ramp 1 - 1000 V/sec
Interlocks XR40B-EC master, 2 X-ray cover, high vacuum, cooling water, remote
Water cooling XRCB02 max. 6 bar, 6 l/min.
prepared for de-ionized water
Communication interface RS232/485, Ethernet
Communication protocol MODBUS-TCP
User interface XR40B-EC 7" TFT display with touchscreen, digital encoder
Interface languages English, German, Polish
Dimensions XR40B-EC 483 x 133 x 380 mm (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable
Weight (approx.) XR40B-EC 7 kg
Dimensions XRHV01-PS 483 x 45 x 420 mm (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable
Weight (approx.) XRHV01-PS 6.5 kg
Dimensions XRCB02 483 x 133 x 295 mm (W x H x D), 19' rack mountable
Weight (approx.) XRCB-02 18 kg

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